24 Feb 2009

What I'm up to

In answer to my question what do I do now...custom orders.I'm working on a black coat at the moment, that's making me miss the callouses on my fingers I developed before Christmas(there is lots of hand sewing in it and it's hurting my silly girl fingers).I'm getting another delivery of a large custom order tomorrow, about 5 pieces. And also last week a friend was saying she has picked out lots of things from her wardrobe she wants me to revamp. So when it rains it pours, and I'm delighted. I really like doing custom work because it makes me think outside the box, towards what the client wants. At the moment the coat I'm doing is meant to be unusual but restrained enough to wear to work. It's been a challange but I'm enjoying it. I called the market man, Tom, and I found out the Sunday Market starting back in April, so I've one month to get cracking on lots of new stock. I think that will be fine as I've lots of time off in the restaurant coming up, the are doing a refurbishment and I'm taking a few days off too. That said, I hope I won't be linking back to this post the week before the market when I'm moaning about doing all nighters trying to get work done.

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