13 Feb 2009

Busy bee who likes eggs

The busy season has started again. I should be excited after my well earned break, doing bits of clothes at a leisurly pace. But now I have a deadline, I have to get new stock in the shop in Ennis. We had talked about mid-feruary as a giudline, but it's amazing how quickly that snuck up on me. I've just made a list of the things I need and it's a bit daunting. It's a different clientel in that shop, slightly older, and more into the things I do with tweeds and lace rather than neon colours and buttons. Which is fair enough really, and I love doing both styles. But the lacey romantic stuff sells better so I tend to have less of it lying about the place. So I'll be a bit off the radar for the next few days, unless I'm feeling very bold, and 'take a break' by arsing about on the internet.....I've just forgotten I have some eggs on the boil. no really I do.


  1. Hey Ruth,

    You can do it!

    Keep up all the great work and I hope all your new stock flies off the rails out in Ennis.

    Best of luck

  2. Oh how great! I haven't been here in a while.... I'm so happy to hear your shop is doing well!

  3. Hope the designs sell well Ruth... we'll try not to miss you too much out here on the barren interwebs *sniff sniff*

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  5. Thanks everyone. Work is going well, I still have a lot left to do, but it's looking more organised now. I may even have photos in a couple of days.


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