3 Feb 2009

Mens Clothing, suggestions, comments, ideas....PLEASE

I have decided to do a line of mens clothing. Firstly because lots of men have seen my work and asked me to make clothes for them, and also because I like a challange. It will make me think completely differently about the colours, materials and styles I have been using over the past year. I'm in the research stage at the moment, but I would like some input from my trusty readers.
Are you male?
Or a girlfriend who chooses all your boyfriends clothes?
What is important to you in your clothes, style/functionality/originality/price?
Where do you shop?
What is frustrating about mens clothes, and the selection, or lack thereof?

Obviously I'm thinking of doing some cool t-shirts and hoodies. I would like to be a bit more adventurous with colours that the beige palette that seems to permeate the male section of shops. I'm also thinking of doing some funky stuff with old suits, tweeds and pistripe, take them apart and put them back together. This is all at the very begining but I'm pretty excited about it.


  1. My other half says that fit is a big problem, there isn't a great selection of fitted shirts and t-shirts a lot of the time they have no shape at all.

  2. I'd agree with Mademarian. Also I find that everything is identical, and even if anything new comes through, it becomes copied so much that it loses it's appeal. I'd love something that allowed me to merge old time style with convienience... like a t-shirt that looked like a shirt and waist coat, that I could just pull on but looks cool and original. But then perhaps I'm wishing for the moon.

  3. I know that with my other half the thing he complains about most is quality of material and fit.

    He's pretty tall and lean so anything that fits across his shoulders ends up swinging around his waist and hips or vice versa. Everything he's found in the shops lately is either really bright in colour or really boring and mundane.

    He has often hinted that he would like to get back to his teenage hippie roots while merging it with respectable professional wear. I don't know if any of this helps!!

  4. Thanks for your input everyone, some good advice that I'll definitely listen to. I think I'll head upstairs and get cracking on some tshirts

  5. Shirt wise, I always go back to H&M because their slim fit shirts are perfect for me although that's all I buy from there! Ed Hardy or Junk Food t-shirts again have the best fit for slim folk and not loose around the arms. Personally I'd love to see more metallic prints on t-shirts for a bit of man glam.


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