21 Feb 2009

Sorted, done, complete, finito..now what do I do?

So it's all done and dusted,I got the order in on time, and I'm really happy with the clothes I produced. I try not to work right up to the last minute, but sometimes I end up making my most creative stuff in the 11th hour. Sorry guys there are no more photos of the other things I made, it was a choice between photos or a shower, and my stinky levels won that fight( yes our boiler is still broken and I'm still having freezing showers).In total I delivered 11 garments, and 9 handmade broaches...now that I've written that down it doesn't seem like much, but it was a feck load of work. So now I'm free to sit down ,chill out and relax...but I can't, I've been restless all night, I feel like I should be working, or feeling guilty for not doing stuff. I had this feeling over the whole build up to Christmas, I had forgotten how frustrating it is. I suppose that's the pain in the ass working for yourself, and from home, it's hard to turn off sometimes. The Sunday papers, the sofa and John might help me relax tomorrow afternoon, until then I'm gonna try and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Ps: Sadly I didn't win at the blog awards tonight, but that's ok this really good blog won instead, I'm just chuffed I got nominated, especially since I only started blogging in September '08.


  1. It sounds like your year is off to a wonderful start!!

  2. Hey Ruth,
    Comiserations on not willing but well done for getting so far. I know what you mean about frantic last minute bouts of creativity, though mine are usually limited to innovative uses of computer code :op

  3. Congratulations on finishing your order, and commiserations on not winning an award.

    We all still think... know... that you're great!

    I hope you enjoyed your Sunday off.

  4. I wrote a reply to this already and it seems to have disapeared...huh?

    sMac Thoughts-Yep ands by the end my world domination will be complete, and everyone will be wearing colourful button laden clothes with stripes and polka dots

    Ian- computer code makes my brain melt, it brings back memorys of designing my website, lets just there were tears

    Magatha-May-Thanks :)...Sunday was nice but I did do a little bit of sewing, just a wee bit


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