3 Feb 2009

Past the first round of Judges

Yey I'm so excited I made the long list nominations for The Irish Blog Awards 2009,but there is a catch Im nominated in two catagories and apparently I have to chhose which one I want to go for the next round of judging. I've been nominated in the fashion section and in the business section. Which one do I pick? The fashion one had pretty tough competition with some fantastic blogs in it. Help I need advice please!!


  1. Don't know what to say regards choice, go with your instinct. Well done though. Glad you made it

  2. Congrats, not too sure re category. Whichever one you feel your blog belongs to more, is it more a fashion blog or a business blog?

    Either way, well done and hopefully I'll see you in cork. Hope you can make the ladies tea party too...I'll be crocheting at it so if you can bring any small project to work on go for it :-)

  3. Congrats on the nomination. Thank you for the well wishes, wanted to say good luck to you also. I love your blog, and your products, very innovative.

  4. Hey Ruth, first of all...

    congratulations on your nominations. you deserve them...

    and go with whichever one you would love to be recognised for. Always follow the heart! :)

  5. Thanks everyone...I'm still pretty torn, but I may be swaying towards business because when it comes down to it this is a record of my business that I'm starting up. It doesn't seem to be like any of the others in that catagory, which could be a good or bad thing.
    I think you are all right, go with my gut

  6. Congratulations to you too!

    The best part of the Blog Awards is getting to disover lovely sites yours.

    Nice work on the nominee's badge. It was the best of the bunch.

    Good luck in the next round, whichever category you choose.


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