17 Feb 2009

News update, and Shortlisted

I'm super, super excited! Imagine me, half mad bed hair, half pjs half winter warmers, I shuffle into my computer room, log onto my blog, check my stats( I know I have a pathetic addiction),huh what's this,I says, loads of viewers early in the morning this can mean only one thing...I have been shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards. I really never expected to get this far, I only started in September. My other big decision was to pick fashion or business, it was good to have to choose I think it's brought some focus to my blog. So thanks to the sponsors,RedCardinal.ie, and all the judges for all their hard work. Congrats to everyone else who was nominated and good luck on the night. Sadly I can't make it as I didn't book my place early enough, note to self be more organised next year.

In other news:
A;our heating is broken, so our shower is freezing and I'm just about to hop into it and freeze my lovely bits off.
B: I had a customer call over yesterday and she bought lots of things, a nice surprise
C;I'm still beavering away on the order for the shop, but got nothing done yesterday, but plan to make up for that double fold today
D; Oooh and did I mention I was short listed, yey


  1. YEA!

    and in the most Irish of phrases

    'go on you good thing'


  2. congrats Ruth will you check your myspace mail and get back to me

  3. Hey Ruth, many congrats from the other Newbies shortlisted :)
    Really sorry you won't be there on the night but very best of luck!

  4. congrats on the nod. we got our stuff in the post yesterday thank you!!

  5. Well done lady and thanks for our lovely stuff! I love getting things in the post that aren't bills!

  6. Thanks everyone!!

    No problem t cup and kitty, glad you liked the freebies

  7. I'll Join our Brendan in offering the most heartfelt of congratulations. A little sad we didn't make it, but if we had to be squeezed out, I am very glad that you at least got kept in. I wish you the best of luck.

  8. Ian- That's lovely of you to say that, thanks, I really don't expect to win but getting to the last 5 was a huge surprise

  9. Now that the awards are over, it's safe to come out of the closet (wardrobe perhaps) and say that I was really impressed with your blog - despite by square dress sense - when I went through judging the Business blog long list.

    Well deserved to reach the short list. And all the best for future work and blogging.


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