4 Sep 2009

Bargain Audiobooks

I just found this great shop Dazawoo that sells MP3 audiobooks, I got a little trigger happy with that dangerous mouse that is attached to my paypal account and I bought, all the Harry Potter books, all of The Lord of the Rings, and ....wait for it....all of Terry Pratchett, and The Talisman by Stephen King. Now I know that seems insanely extravagant but it cost me less that 30 euro! I've ordered stuff off the guy before and the recordings are great. You just get a cd in the post, slap it onto your computer and listen away, and you can transfer it to any MP3 player that you want. Johns arguement was why don't I download them myself, but to be honest I tried this and I got hopelessy lost, and ended up after two days of effort with an awful abridged version of Jane Eyre that cut out all the time. I figure at times like these, delegate, I'm more than happy to spend 30 quid and somebody else does all the donkey work.
I'm bursting with excitement I can wait until the postman comes knocking with my lovely parcel.
In other news my big sister Karen called over today to help me with the button management task, we delved into the pretty tricky metal ones and got a fair bit of work done. We also did a good bit of chatting and catching up too, which is always great!

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