8 Sep 2009

Anyone know a fairy?

Help...does anyone know where I can find a magiacal cleaning fairy. Just for one day...or even 5mins as she would be able to blink or flap her wings and all my troubles would be over. My studio has exploded and imploded at the same time. Picture the mad run up to the show, add a splash of manic packing in two days before we left, a good dollop of hangers and unassembled rails, a pinch of dumping all our gear when we got back, and at last a sprinkle of two bags of donated clothes...and you have the recipe for my disaster zone. I have to wave my hand in the air and admit a healthy dose of procrastination is half to blame for my predicament. I took a week off, then another week just sorting buttons, and tomorrow I have to start back making clothes.
So if you happen to glimpse a flutter of silver wings in the magic of twilight can you pass on the message that I need a bit of a miracle thrown my way.


  1. If I find one I will send her your way!

  2. If you find one, please send her my way as well! Trying to organize our little one bedroom apartment is very difficult, we'll spend a whole weekend on it and by the time Monday is even over its back to its original condition haha!


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