9 Sep 2009

New Ideas

Well it's taken a good few hours but my studio is back to sometihng resembling normal. There were many sneezes, as I have quite a severe allergy to dust, and I nearly gave up a few times but I persisted, and it payed off. I didn't take any pictures though because I want to do a bit more work on it tomorrow...there are still about 5 bags of unsorted clothes. But at least my rails are back up, all my trimmimngs have been sorted and packed away, my table is clear and the floor has been swept. I also sorted through about 4 bags of clothes that were donated last week, and there was some really funky stuff in it..like a purple corset, and some very nice dresses from Villa.
Before I jump into work I think I'll spend some time this week doing some drawing, figure out a few new ideas. I know when I'm in the thick of it over the next few months I'll be happy to look to a notebook for some ideas rather than my addled busy brain. It's been nice to take a break from sewing 7 days a week, but I', also excited to get cracking on some new work. I learned a lot from doing the show, and now it's time to put some of those ideas into practice. Even the small thing of being able to see a full body of work being worn by models, gave me new ideas on what to work on next.

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