2 Sep 2009

Button Washing

The mamoth task of washing and sorting my 100,000 buttons has started. I've gotten a good bit done already, I have a system where I wash them in hot water, put them in a cullander, towl dry them and sort them into small plastic bags. I've been doing all this while listening to the audiobook The Stand by Stephen King. I had to choose a very long book to keep me going, as this may take me a little slice of eternity.
Instead of finishing all the button sorting first and then set up my new Etsy shop NiceDaySupplies.etsy I thought I would do the two in conjunction. So last night I put up my first listings in my new supplies shop At first I'll just be selling buttons-a whole lot of them- and then I'll list some extra supplies I have, like ribbon and paper. I had lots of fun yesterday taking photos and making my new banner and avatar.


  1. i know this sounds weird but this is a job i would LOVE to do. i have a thing for washing and drying and colour sorting buttons...some people say that its an issue i should get checked out!

  2. Thanks for the festival tips Ruth. I had almost forgot to bring a torch - woops!

    I really like the Nice Day Supplies banner, it looks great.

  3. good god ruth, that was a big load of buttons! i have a few of those weird colorful ones that are glued to the tops of the tubes on the bottom...random!


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