26 Sep 2009

New Painting, and Busy Season

I'm already starting to freak out that there isn't enough time between now and Christmas. Lots of new things have popped up and I came to the conclusion yesterday that I'm going to have to sprout 16 extra pairs of hands and never sleep, of get about 3 volunteers to help. The money isn't exactly rolling in yet so I can't afford to pay anyone.Over the past few years I've already pul;led in all the favours I could with friends and I think that gravey train has run out. On the up side my work is in demand which is something I feel very lucky to be able to say in todays climate.
In some other news myself and John have become the proud owners of a new beautiful painting by Limerick artist Emmet Kierns. His work has been exhibited throughout Europe, and America so I feel really honoured to have one of his pieces in my house.


  1. Hey:)..if ya ever need help with anything im alwats willing to give a helping hand:)..maybe my other crafty friend might be up for it too(meowsaidpooks.blogspot.com)

  2. you are not allowed mention let alone think of the c word yet.......

  3. ClaireAnn that would be great! Thanks so much for offereing, you may just be hearing from me as things step up a gear. I did have wonderful assitant working with me but she finished up and moved to London.

    Jaboopee, sorry to say I have to think that way, but it really freaks me out. Don't worry I'm very disorganised in the rest of my life. Last year I did all my shopping 2 days before Christmas, and then I figured out I had nothing to wear to my parents house because I had been too busy to do laundry...so I had to buy new clothes!!Disgraceful


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