28 Sep 2009

Getting the Ball Rolling

I've been posting lots lately about all the other things that I do apart from sewing, but on Saturday I got back into making some new clothes. Since then I have made 2 dresses, 2 skirts, and 3 tops. But sadly I can't take any pictures of them because I am still sans camera. It's good to get back into work again(it's not like I really stopped working, just stopped sewing) it was starting to feel like the big elephant in the room that I was avoiding. I had foolishly convinced myself that I had burnt out and run out of ideas. The easiest way to break this was to jump in with both feet. I always find it inspiring walking around my studio, looking at different garments until an idea springs to mind. Thankfully I got a lot of donations of clothes recently so all the pieces were fresh to my eyes ,and it was easy to see what I could do with them. Hopefully this creative ball keeps gathering momentum!


  1. yea! well done for getting back on the metaphorical bike. it's always so hard to go back to doing stuff after a break.

  2. Magatha-May
    Thanks...yeah it was such a relief, it's funny how people work like that, avoiding the one thing they need to do


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