4 Sep 2009

Recessionista Fashionista!

I really shouldn't be spending more money but I went into A-Wear yesterday on my way home...'just to have a look'...and I came out with two pairs of pants and two dresses!! I have never in my life done that strange thing of buying two of the exact same garment but there is a first for everything. I bought two pairs of black harem pants, I've been looking for a good pair for AGES and these are lovely cos they are fitted at the waist like suit pants, and they tie in a bow at the calves, which is a look far more forgiving on me. They were only 5 euro, and I figured I would wear one pair to death so it seemed to make sense in my head. I also got a great denim dress that buttons up the front with cute pockets, and then strapless knee lenght dress made out of grundgy check...oh so very Pearl Jam. I figure this dress was also only 5 quid, and I'll customise it with some denim and make it look a bit more Miss Westwood. I usually wouldn't go for this style of dress, being a DD cup, but it looked surprisingly good. Not a bad shopping spree for only 25 squids?!?
Another notch on the recessionista bedpost me thinks.


  1. I also went into awear for a "quick look" yesterday and came out with a top and necklace:)!! i have a love hate relationship with that shop, sometimes i want everything and othertimes theres nothing id buy!!
    looking forward to seeing how u customise the dress..post some pics:)!!
    great blog,

  2. Thanks Style strutter.
    I know what you mean, although it's a good thing I don't love all their stuff or I would be broke!


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