16 Sep 2009

Bad Day

We had a bit of a bad day yesterday, we were burgled while I was in bed asleep. I'm feeling better about it today but yesterday I was very angry and more than a little bit freaked out. John had popped into town in the morning and I pressed the snooze button to get a little extra shut eye. While I was in the land of nod, some people shouldered in our front door, and got away with both of my digital cameras and Johns MP3 player, about 900 euro worth of stuff (about $1200). I don't know how I slept through the whole thing, usually the slightest noise wakes me up, but I had trouble sleeping the night before so I was shattered and out to the world. I'm pretty glad I wasn't pottering around the house when they came in God knows what would have happened.
John tried to make me feel better by saying 'don't worry it won't happen again, what are the odds of getting robbed twice'...but funnily enough a few years ago I was robbed twice in the space of 24hrs.

I know it was a random event, and it will take me a while to totally relax and not listen out for odd noises while I'm trying to sleep. It could have been a whole lot worse, so I have to count myself lucky.


  1. How awful but thank god you wasn't hurt! I'm so sorry for you, I'm sure you feel violated and it'll take some time to get over it. I hope they recover your items...

  2. I hate that! its true it could have been so much more different but sometimes that doesn't really help does it ? sending you good wishes, i just found your blog, your work is fantastic and really inspiring , i'm absolutely mad about the multi collared jacket.
    i think your a genius.

  3. Oh Ruth, I'm so sorry you got robbed. Is there anything I can do?

  4. there are some really rubbish people out there!try not to let it affect you too much,and im sending you lots of happy thoughts!

  5. Thanks very much guys your comments made me feel better :)


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