18 Sep 2009

Words of Warning...Shop Around

I know people always say shop around but I just came accross a crazy difference in prices today. I'm getting the paper inserts for the wedding invitations printed today, I got a quote off one printer of 150 euro (about $200), which thank god I had the sense to say no to. I went to another guy and he is going exactly the same job for 40 euro( about $55)...that is totally insane. I've worked with both places before and they both have really high quality, and good service, so it's not like I'll be getting a lesser product. How can people justify this!!
Madness I tells ya.


  1. Thats a crazy differance in price, what was the justification?

  2. No reason given...that's the bizarre thing!

  3. Thats so strange, I work in Daintree in dublin, you should give us a call next time. weddings are our thang! I'm a little wedding junkie, gonna be posting some samples I've been doing in next few days


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