13 Sep 2009

Heartfelt Favours and Invites

I've had a busy few days. As you can see here I cut out all 400 hearts needed to make the 200 wedding favours. They'll be sewn together, stuffed, with a nice purple ribbon, with a pretty tag and some felt heart embellishments....and voila Christmas decoration wedding favours. There was a whole lot of prep work in them, but I think they'll be worth it. This week I think I'll put a listing for them in my etsy shop and hopefully I'll get some custom orders for them.
With those all sorted I turned my attention back to the invitations, 90 invites, 30 evening invites, 120 rsvp cards, 180 place names...eek!! I'm nearly there I have about 85 invites finished, and I'm waiting on a delivery to finish the rsvp cards, but they are pretty simple. I'll also be listing these in my etsy shop, so I'll post some pics when I have some snazzy pictures of them.

In case you know anyone getting married the price is 450 euro for

100 individual unique handmade cards (with personalised insert)

100 rsvp cards (with personalised insert)

200 place name cards

a map insert designed to suit the esthetic of the cards (if need be)

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  1. Loving those purple hearts:)hehe..i met you in the limerick art college today and bought some really amazing bow buttons! so thanks so much for them..hope the rest of the day went well..really liking the blog..its nice to see fellow irish people on this and making amaking eco items..seems to be going really well for..will definetly gonna visit your stall on a sunday!! thanks again for the buttons!!


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