12 Mar 2010

Frontpage for Nice Day Supplies

Yey at long last I was featured on frontpage on Etsy. I've been selling there for nearly 2 years, and this is my first time. In my head it was one of those things that I really wanted to happen. Not that it means a huge thing in reality, some exposure for about a half an hour or so that may or may not lead to sales. In this case it didn't. But I got lots of people clicking on my shop, and maybe down the line one of them will buy something. It's more the fact that only good items with great photography get chosen, so that's kinda what I was chuffed about. In the new year I decided to put lots of work into the two shops, make an effort to take great photos and see where it all brought me. So far so good, things are looking promising, and it's nice to see it reflected in sales too.


  1. Well done niceday! That's great news. I think your photos are lovely, very clear and the colours are so vibrant!

  2. well done Ruth! Getting front page, to me anyway, is like getting a big pat on the back saying 'well done' and 'keep at it'! ;)


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