2 Mar 2010

New Prospects for Nice Day Designs

Do you remember the exciting news that I eluded to the other day? Well I have returned from my adventure and I can spread the good news. The lady who has been selling my clothes in in the side room of her beauty Salon has opened a shop to sell my clothes!! How exciting is that?? Well to me: the answer is very much so. Roisin moved her salon into a more central location in the village of Inistioge in Co.Kilkenny. It is a much larger premises and and there are two floors, one for the salon and the ground floor as a boutique for Nice Day Designs.I went down to the shop this weekend to dress the window and ad a bit of pizzaz to the general floor display. As you can guess this was on a tight budget but I think I managed to get a pretty snazzy display out of these mini hat boxes and netting. I got the boxes in a pound shop and covered them myself with brightly coloured paper. I got about 20 meters of netting in Guinneys for only 30 euro, which was a steal and a half, I also got the pink candy stripe material there too. I used thumbtacks to hang the fake curtains at the back of the shop and pinned my accessories to the doors to fill the blank space.
I've never done any window or shop dressing before but I must say it was lots of fun.It also had the extra kick that it was my own stuff that I was displaying. I must admit that I felt like a proud mammy when I saw all my clothes hanging on the rails.If you want to check out more photos just click on my facebook fanpage here


  1. Congratulations - you've come a long way in a year!

  2. thats wonderful news! congratulations. the shop and window display look wonderful

  3. that's fantastic Ruth, congratulations!

  4. So great Ruth! And your display and merchandising is beautiful too! The whole shop looks lovely :)


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