18 Mar 2010

Dublin, Buttons and a bit of Moo

I'm off later today to the belle city of Dublin. We have an Etsy Ireland meeting on Saturday, and I'm really looking forward to putting some more faces to the names. Lots of people have said they'll go to this meeting, so hopefully there will be a good turn out. I'll also visit my parents and some friends while I'm there, I'm originally from Celbridge which is just a hop skip and a jump, and a bus ride, from the main city centre. So sadly folks my blogging adventures will have to go on hold for a few days as my parents still have dial-up and a computer made from cellotape in the 90's.
Sadly John has absconeded with my camera so I can't show you the yummy new MOO mini business cards that arrived in the post. Or my really cool MOO personalised stickers. You'll just have to trust me when I say they are fab!

I did managed to click some pics of these fabulous new buttons that I got. I've added a few new listings in my shop for mixed bags and pairs of buttons. As always the temptation is to keep them, but I must reign in my addiction and sell the buttons.In other news, I may be getting a crafty tattoo next week, but shhh don't tell my mother. Even though I haven't lived with my folks for 10 years she still would give out to me....some things never change.

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