26 Mar 2010

Sustainable Materials Exhibition opening

Orla Redican - Ev+A Dress
Marianne Kenny Modelling Nice Day Designs Dress

The opening for the sustainable arts exhibition was on last night, and there was a fantastic turnout. I was so busy running around talking to people and making sales (woohoo!) that I nearly forgot to take pictures. I heard really great feeback from people, saying it was one of the best shows they had seen in the gallery for years. I know this sounds awful but usually in group shows half of it is filler, but in this show there really wasn't any. There is an amazing mix of artists working in every discipline, from fashion, ceramics, sculture, painting, weaving, jewellery, performance and mixed media. There were some familiar faces too,Orla Redican from Farapinalia made this fantastic dress from the old Ev+A sign that had been lying in a skip. My ex-flatmate of 5 years Mark Halpin showed his wonderful illustrations of found tiles. I got to meet the lovely Missy Bonkers while I was drooling over her beautiful clothes. There were also handwoven mats made from found rope by etsy seller Conscious Crafts.
Mark Halpin- Drawing on Found Tiles
Missy.Bonkers Beanbag and cushions
Conscious Crafts -Recycled mats
Other highlights for me was the performance art piece where I guy was doing clay sculptures on his head, very playful and facinitating. Another artist has beautiful cutlery made from found metal and wire, I wanted to take those home, if I had money I would have bought them, they were stunning. I also really loved the mixed media paintings that had loads of found toys and knick knacks in them, they were a riot of colour and you could look at them all day long.
I'm delighted to be part of such an amazing show, it will continue for 6 weeks, and there will be lots of workshops from the artists. More details of which I'll poost about as I hear them. A big thank you goes out to Diarmuid Neilan for organising this fantastic show, I'm sure it's been a lot of hard work. Also I'd really like to thank my beautiful model Marianne Kenny for being stunning, and very patient in those high heels.


  1. It looks great Ruth - Your Denim dress turned out fab. The recycles mats actually look great hanging on the wall - too nice to clean boots on!

  2. That's a fantastic post Ruth! Congrats on making sales and thanks so much for catching a photo of our Reclaimed Rope Mats. Bummed we couldn't make it for the opening.

  3. Looks really good:)..how long is it on for?love to go up and see it

  4. Cortney, glad you saw the post I was going to send you a link later. Lots of people were commenting on how great your mats looked. Well done!
    Claire it will be up for 6 weeks, so you've lots of time to go down and have a browse


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