2 Mar 2010

Inistioge Co.Kilkenny

I just wanted to let you know more about the wee little village of Inistioge that my clothes are now selling in. It's a picture book Irish Village that looks like it's been plucked straight out of 1940/50's Ireland. It's got loads of beautiful old houses, a large open square, a few sleepy pubs and stunning countryside walks. It's real little hot spot for tourists during the Summer and it's great claim to fame is the the Meave Binchy film Circle of Friends was filmed there.
It's only a 20 minute drive from Kilkenny city, but it has all the charm of being lost in old Ireland. I really enjoyed my stay there this weekend and wished I would have had more time to soak up the the tranquility of this village.They also have a great restaurant that I'm dying to try next time I'm down. Note to self: make time for more yummy pints and food when I'm there next, oh and those very pretty walks to wash away my hangover!

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