3 Mar 2010

Window Shopping Love

Ok I need to start closing my eyes when I'm leaving work. As you have read before I couldn't resist the cupcake sugar bowl when I was walking past Carrig Donn, which is next door to where I work. But now they have put a giant tea cup and saucer bowl in the window, and it's polka dot!! How can I possibly resist?? It's so cute, and I swear it calls out my name when I walk past it. It's only 30 euro, which is a great price for how fantastic it looks, but should I really spend 30 quid on a bowl I don't need? Probably not, but I don't think I can ignore it's call much longer.

I got this picture from their website, it's of the normal sized cup, but the bowl is far cuter, and way more Alice in Wonderland shaped.

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