28 Mar 2010

It's Brief

I went to the the 2010 Irish Blog Awards last night. I'm too tired an hungover to explain more than the basic results:
-The ladies Tea Party was the highlight of the day
-Etsy Ireland did not win best specialist award, boohoo
-Everyone convinced me to join twitter, so here you go, click here if you want to hear me tweet.

Had a great time, but that is the limit of my abilities today...more will follow tomorrow I swear.


  1. What a great night. So glad that we went! The tea party sounded like absolutely savage craic, think I might go to it next year.

  2. Fantastic night out! It was great to meet you and I will be going again next year! I think we did Limerick well as representatives!


  3. It was lovely to hang out with ye both, it was a great night. Yep there was a good gang from Limerick alright!!


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