14 Mar 2010

Limerick City Gallery

I delivered the two dresses to the Limerick city gallery yesterday. The show hasn't opened yet, but I believe it will be on Tuesday with the official opening on Saturday the 20th. I had a quick peek at some of the other work, it looks pretty cool. So if you are in the area pop in, and as with all these opening things there will be free wine...what better excuse is there really?!
To reward myself for all my hard work lately I went for a feed of pints, very tasty indeed!


  1. These are incredible!! Simply stunning!

  2. hey Ruth!

    be sure to post info on the opening date and time - would love to come along and show some support! :)

  3. yea - they look amazing Ruth. I really love the halterneck dress.

  4. Thanks ladies!
    Yeah I'll be shouting it from the rooftops when I find out the opening dates/times

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