31 Mar 2010

At long last....The Irish Blog Awards 2010

Better late then never.....
I went to the Irish blog Awards in Galway on Saturday night just gone. Since I sadly didn't make it to the final selection of the Best Irish Business Blog this year, I was instead representing Etsy Ireland, who made it to the final for Best Specialist Blog. I will not keep you in suspense, we did not win, but I was delighted for Bycyclistic who very deservingly took home the trophy.

The fantastic day started off in the G Hotel ('g' standing for gob smackingly gorgeous), with The Ladies Tea Party, which was organised by the fabulous Sabrina Dent. The venue was simply stunning, the design is truely fabulous, from the super slick reception, to the millions of silver hanging balls, the chic lift, to the super sexy presidential suite where we had our reception. Basically I want to live there, or just save up all my pennies and go on holidays and pretend I'm a rich super model. Think grand designs meets the hotel in season 2 of True Blood and you are somewhere near it.

To be honest I was a little terrified of walking into a room full of strangers but the lovely wine sponsored by Curious Wines, greased the cogs of socialbility quite nicely. In true Irish fashion we called it tea, and instead tucked into the booze with much enthusiasm. After getting past that initial terror, it was really lovely to meet lots of other bloggers and have a bit of a natter. Most of my friends in the 'real' world think I'm a bit nutty for blogging so much. So it was great to talk to like minded folk. In an excellently decadent moment we all sat drinking wine in our posh frocks while painting our nails at the nail bar, in the lavish bathroom ( thanks to L'Onglex for sponsoring). But sadly all too quickly it was over and we made a mad rush to the blog awards in the Radisson.
There I met a few familiar heads, Mags, Bock, and Val, and we then tucked into more free booze thanks to Captain Morgan (my favorite poison). The awards ensued in rather grand style with smoke machines and a procession proclaiming the death of blogging, and a full sized coffin in tow. I was rather impressed by the whole affair, I had no idea that it was going to be so professional, there was even funny video clips in between featuring Rodge and Podge and Bosco. The show was presented my the very sexy voiced Rick O Shea. There was a brief interlude where I weirdly volunteered to get on stage and air guitar with a foam guitar....quite surreal, not sure what possesed me to say yes, please let there be no photographic evidence of it!!I was a little disappointed by a few of the result, A chick Named Hermia, Bock the Robber, and Fustar didn't win, but on the upside Sabrina Dent, Sinead Cochrane, and Culch.ie did win.
The rest of the evening passed in a haze of drink, chatter, and random networking. I was rather well behaved and left at 1pm.
Well done to Damien Mulley for all his hard work, and thanks again to Sabrina for hosting a fantastic Ladies Tea Party.


  1. Hi Ruth
    It was lovely to meet you in Galway, I''ll be keeping an eye on your gorgeous blog from now on. Here's something I meant to tell you about in Galway but got distracted by your necklace!

  2. Awh thanks for the mention....twas sweet!!! Yeah it's impossible to be happy with all the winners, but there were a few wins I was thrilled with like White Rabbit (sorry I know you were going for Fustar, lol!). You're making me feel even worse that I couldn't now, so I absolutely HAVE to make it down next year....unless nobody nominates me....in which case I'll be at home sulking :D

  3. Jen- lovely to meet you too, I've been reading your posts through twitter, loved the series of photos you did!

    Hermia- yeah it was lots of fun, I might make more of an effort this year to get to know the Irish blogging community, they seem like a lovely bunch. Most of the blogs I read are style and craft ones from the UK or US

  4. I love your post on the Irish Blog Awards.

  5. Sounds like you had a grand time! Someone somewhere must have some pics of that air guitar routine!

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