17 Mar 2010

Paddy's Day Article on Storque

Firstly let me wish all of you a very happy (and merry) Paddy's Day!!
The post I did on St.Patricks Day for the main Etsy Blog just went live. So please click, read, and comment!! There were some last minute issues with the pictures, that I thought might lead to it not being posted, which would be horrible as the whole Etsy Ireland Team was really looking forward to it. I found it harder than I expected to get images of the parade. I got a good few and collaged them together, as they were not very high resolution. Etsy weren't happy with this so they didn't use them. In the end they sourced some on flicker, although I don't think they are of Limerick.
Thanks everyone for all your really helpful comments and feedback, when I volunteered to do it I didn't really think they would accept. So it was your help and comments that got my brain in gear to write it!!
A special thanks goes to Futurama Production, The Limerick Co-ordination Office and Gra Ob for the use of the photos, sorry they all didn't make the final cut, but nonetheless you were a great help!


  1. You did a wonderful job Ruth! We all appreciate it!

    Happy Paddys Day!

  2. Thanks!!
    I'm delighted with the response, 90 comments so far, not too shabby, I hope people sold a few bits from it. I got two direct sales and lots of hearts and views.


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