13 Jan 2010


I've been trying to source some new supplies for my shop. As you know I already have tonnes of buttons, but I wanted to get a few new items, just to keep things fresh. So in the next few weeks the postman will be delivering these lovely things.
(on a side note it's very hard not to buy LOADS of new supplies)


  1. Hey Ruth!

    are you selling these items?? I'd be really interested in buying those long pins with the coloured balls on top if you are! :)

    Rebecca x

    P.S Hope you're feeling better!

  2. oh those heart shaped buttons are so so cute

  3. Yep Rebecca I'll be selling them as soon as they arrive. They'll be pretty cheap either $2 or $2.50 I still haven't worked it out yet, but that's not so bad cos that's dollars remember.

  4. Those mickey mouse ones are so mine when you get them:)

  5. fantastico!!!

    i'll defo be paying a visit to you next Sunday!! I've been stuck in work the last few weekends :( :( :(


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