8 Jan 2010

Need a Pint

Over the past few days I've been writing tonnes of emails and making lots of lists, all in the name of organising the Etsy Ireland blog. I've taken a few photos of ribbons that I want to list. But really I think I want to get back to some sewing soon though as my fingers are getting a bit twitchy. I plan to make a range of felt pincushions soon, and I want to catch up on my felt brooches too.
I also got food poisoning this week which was pretty nasty, it was from my favorite Indian takeaway, grumble, I won't be going back there again! Between being sick so much since new years and working in the restaurant for a few days in between, I'm starting to go a bit barmy, I think I need to go out and be human for a while, pints and the cinema might do the trick.


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