13 Jan 2010

New Listings...1950s Pin-ups

Yikes I'm tired, I just spent the past few hours listing my pocket mirrors and large badges in my etsy shop. I've had these for the past two months but I was too busy over Christmas to list them. Today I got up and went straight into taking lots of photographs. It's really satisfying when a batch of photography goes well, sometimes things like dead batteries and bad light can be so frustrating. After a brief hiatus of a coffee and some yummy cake with my friend John I returned to start editing the pictures.

I've been meaning to do this for ages so it's been a particularly good day to get a good lot of them done. As for tomorrow, more photos, and more listing. I'm determined to get both of my shops full of goodies.
(PS: I'm still really excited to have a camera....can you tell?)

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