29 Jan 2010

Recommended Reading

What are your top 5 daily blog reads? I'm always on the look out for new blogs to read, be it style, craft, design, pop culture I don't mind. I read blogs instead of magazines in the morning after I've checked and replied to all of my mail. It's a little chill out time before I start working. I know there are thousands more hidden gems that I've never stumbled upon...so let me know what are your fav reads over a cup of (decaf!!) coffee in the morning??


  1. Am I a bad person if I don't read 5 blogs daily? I check this one pretty much daily along with the following.
    Bad Science - http://www.badscience.net/
    70's Big - http://70sbig.com/
    Drifting Aimless - http://driftervagabond.wordpress.com/
    Bad Science because it is reasoned and rational and holds back the silly bullshit in favour of the more interesting what is actually going on. 70's Big because sometimes you just need to be bigger. And Ruairi's blog because we all know something's going to get him eventually.

  2. Aw you are so sweet for reading my blog so often...who knew a muscle man would like cute and crafty things so much!!


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