20 Jan 2010

2010 Irish Blog Awards

Have you heard of the Irish Blog Awards? The nominations for the 2010 awards are now open. To vote for your favorite Irish blog go here and fill in the nomination form, there are a number of catagories from best food/drink, fashion, music, sports and group blog, and many more. I figured that lots of you are bloggers yourself, or regualr readers, so go show your appreciation and love by nominating your favorite blogs....I just did!!

(Note: Last year I was lucky enough to get down to the final 4 in the Best Irish Business blog catagory....don't think I'll do as well this year but I'll definitely be going to the awards just so I can put a face to all the blogs I read)


  1. Aw, I only follow 2 blogs at the moment - yours and Etsy Ireland's! So I'm doubling up on these posts, you are a busy lady - good luck with your caffeine free experiment, hope the sleep improves :)

  2. Hey Pennies....I just had a look at your blog, it's really nice. Do you have comments disabled? I wanted to leave a comment on one of your posts but I could find where to click.

  3. Oooooooh, right...Jeepers, call me ignorant :P
    Thanks, I'll see about that!


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