26 Jan 2010

Woohoo Lots of Sales

Oh my god! I'm delighted I just made 6 sales in the past 12 hours on Etsy...woohoo! I was told my a friend, Tanya about this site Craftcult. It's a website for checking your views and 'hearts' of all your products. Which in itself is very handy, but they also sell ad space too. So I bought a week of one of their carousel ads, which is a roatating banner with images from different shops. So today was my first day of the week long ad, and I sold 6 things, I'm so chuffed....can you tell??


  1. Congratulations on all those sales! I had a flurry of sales before Christmas and its very exciting! Must check out craftcult - sometimes I think our great crafty items get a bit lost on Etsy!! G

  2. thats great! well done, wish they did one for folksy...altho' i guess thats still growing so probably wouldn't be worth it yet

  3. I love CraftCult! I ran an ad in December and it was very much worth the money. I have 2 weeks of ads scheduled in February. Congrats on the sales!

  4. Congrats! I also loveee craftcult! Let me know how your ads do! =)

  5. Wow! That's awesome! Did you get any more sales after that? I'm curious as I'm plannin gon using craftcult for ad too. But I gotta work on my inventory first.

  6. Thanks everyone!! Yeah I did a lot of work on my shops before I put the ad up, and I'm really glad I did.
    No more sales since then, but I'm optomistic for the last two days as these have the images from my mix bags of buttons.


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