31 Jan 2010

Great New Irish Shop!

My friend Donna Bryan from home down in Limerick visiting me this weekend. She wanted me to give her a workshop in setting up her new Etsy shop, DB Jewellery Designs. So on friday night we had a browse around other jewellery sellers to check out their prices, and the general look of shops that she liked. Then we were up bright and early on Saturday to take lots of photos for her lovely wire wrap rings. After some experimentation we hit on the winning idea of placing them on mirrors and then photographing them. I've seen this used to great effect in ad campaigns, and I thought it added that etra wow factor to the images. Then we went through a million fonts and colours to decide on her banner. And by the end of it all she has 11 new pieces in her shop. It was really nice to go through this process with someone else, and trying to guide them past all the time consuming pitfalls I fell into.
At the end of all our hard work we went to see the great band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra in Dolans Warehouse, it's been ages since I've seen them live and they were a treat and a half.

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