24 Jan 2010


Yes i know it's crazy but I got even more buttons yesterday! I think I have a serious addiction on my hands here. I was out with a friend last night and he compared me to the little dude from the kids cartoon Duck Tales who dives into a pool of all his gold, Peter said he could imagine me showering in my millions of buttons....not far wrong Peter! I just spent the past hour taking photos of them and I'll be listing sets of 200 dark, toffee coloured, and white buttons. I also made a couple of pincushions too. It was really nice to get away from the computer and get back to some sewing.


  1. hehe cant wait to see them all:)..and dont worry your not the only one with this addiction..there should be some sort of button anonymous out there for people like us:P

  2. Definitely. I could do with a button addicts support group too, although my family could probably benefit from it even more - they're often abandoned in favour of my buttons!


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