15 Jan 2010

Note to Spammers

Ugh...I've had a couple of days of nasty spamming, more than my usual amount. It's so annoying, and such a waste of my time. Sometimes I wonder why they bother, but someone out there must be replying with their personal details. Yesterday I got spam to my etsy shop saying they wanted to buy something but they wanted my home address so a courier could collect it.....I think that one is very nasty. Then this morning I wake up to spammy comments!! Note to spammers, don't bother I'm NEVER going to click/respond/give you my pin number/donate money to your long lost cousin who is the king of mars........enough already!!


  1. ugh, I hate spam. What a waste of time.

  2. Spam seems a natural product of the internet, like football hooliganism.

    I emailed you about this.I think I could come to enjoy my new hobby.


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