9 Jan 2010

Games Reviews for the Wii

Christmas, and most especially post-christmas time always brings out in me a desire to play lots of computer games. I spend the rest of the year gladly console free but as soon as the turkey is digested I feel the need to sit in a darkened room with lots of blankets and hop, skip, jump, and shoot my way through a myriad of colourful rounds. This year in the January sales I bought Paper Mario World, Boom Blox, and Prince of Persia for the Wii.

When I first turned on the Mario game I felt like bringing it back to the shop, there was a painful 15 minute dialogue to get through before I could play it; which John found hilarious. After the pretty boring start it turned out to be a really good game. There are lots of additions to the normal Mario gameplay, and it has lots of inventive twists on the tradional platform game.

Boom Blox is totally addictive, it has lots of short building puzzles that you must solve by throwing, moving, or smashing blocks. It's a really good game of logic that has been excellently designed. My only complaint is that I find the Wii remote sticks a bit and the controlls don't run as smoothly as the need to, and this can be very frustrating on some of the timed challenges . I haven't opened Prince of Persia yet as I'm waiting till I finish the other two before I start it.

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  1. I'm a huge fan of boomblox! its such a good game!
    my nephew loved it too!


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