8 Jun 2010

Handmade Knitting Needle Case

Since I was offered the large lot of vintage knitting needles I've had it in the back of my mind to make handmade cases for them. I had a little root around the bundles of my material in my studio, and I found this cute red and white striped poly cotton. After fiddling around with sizes and measurements for a while I figured out a pattern to make this needle holder.

I've included 5 circular needles, two sets of 4 double pointed needles, 2 bodkins and a needle gauge in the set. I think it's a great present for crafty people cos you get your different sized needles with the case. I listed it in my etsy shop the other day, I really hope they are popular because I loved making it and it would be great to have an excuse to go buy lots of pretty fabrics!!


  1. wow, that makes me want to learn to knit if i get to put my tools in a sweet case like that! x

  2. Aw thanks Sorcha! Yeah I just took up knitting again recently, I'll be posting my feeble attempts on the blog in a few days.

  3. I love knitting, it never gets boring.


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