29 Jun 2010

Sneaky Preview of Album Design

I just finished the album design for the band The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra, and I heard back yesterday that they are all delighted with the look of it. It will be going to print very soon, and will be on sale nationwide, including all regular outlets like HMV, which is very exciting to hear. Their website is under going a bit of a redesign at the moment but you can check out their work on myspace here.
This is a little sneaky peek at one of the sketches I did for the booklet, I can't release the design yet as it's all very top secret at the moment!!


  1. Looks great. Can't wait to see the whole lot (and listen to the album too!).

  2. Thanks a million!!
    Kevin your website is looking amazing, I just shared a link to it on my facebook fanpage.

  3. Thanks Ruth and thanks for the comment too!


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