21 Jun 2010

Selling at the New and Improved Milk Market

I had such a lovely weekend! Friday was taken up with crazy amounts of work, but I love doing that, locking myself in the studio all day until I go to bed, it's exhausting but incredibly satisfying!

Saturday I was up bright and early to go to Cork for the Etsy Ireland meeting, more of that later in the week. Because it was my birthday we went for dinner when I got back. I eventually got to go to Freddys Bistro, 10 years of living in Limerick and I only manage it now! This lovely meal was followed by a fantastic gig in Dolans by my great friends Vertigo Smyth and The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra. I also got to catch The Rubberbandits playing in the main venue of the Warehouse. The latter band are pretty hilarious but probably entirely baffling to anyone outside Limerick, and especially outside Ireland, but they drew a massive crowd I've never seen the place so full.
I was rather bleary eyed on fuzzy brained for the early start on Sunday morning for my first day trading at the Milk Market. The truly glorious weather, general excitement, and two Anadin Extra Strength helped to wash away and residual hangover. Wow it is such a treat to trade in the new premises!! There are no worries about weather, or hauling down tables, and it looks so clean and modern. The large white roof reflects the light beautifully so it feels very light and spacious. Also the set up that they have dividing the stalls into little blocks is perfect,which means I was back to back with my fellow traders. I was delighted with my lovely neighbours of Vinny and Noreen, although I was sad that I'm not beside my friend Orla. I blame my rather compromised state for the fact that I forgot my camera, but my good friend Rebecca from Lucky Rainbow Designs took a few cute pics when she was down, thanks for these missy!!
Being honest I think it will take some time for people to realise that there is a market on Sunday, and for traders to come back. Things had gotten very quiet down on Bedford Row, with some of the regular traders giving up the ghost. With new venue they are sure to come back, and I was assured by the organisers that we will have lots new people joining over the coming weeks. I'm really excited about the move, and I'm hugely positive about the potential that it has. In the words of that corny 90's film The Field of Dreams: 'If you build it, they will come'....and I'm convinced they will.


  1. So very glad you had a great birthday and the milk market sounds fab! I've only been in Limerick once for an afternoon 10 yrs ago - may well have to make a trip back (on a Sunday of course). Hope you made oodles of money and new friends.

  2. Always thought the Milk Market was a great space. Hope the improvements bring the crowds!

  3. Thanks Carrie!! Yeah it's a lovely city, actually at the Cork meeting there was talk of a team Limerick trip that would involve free accommodation for 1 night, I think there is room for about 12 or so people. Keep an eye on the team blog, I'll be posting about it soon.

    Hey Ger, I love your shop so much!! When I was up in Galway for a meeting last year I stumbled upon it and immediately fell in love with. I was in again a few weeks ago when I was at a hen night. Can you clone your shop so we can have one here too??

  4. Re: Etsy Limerick meeting - lots of FREE accommodation.....during the month of July only though so lets get organising! :)

  5. Looks great! I wish you tons of success at your new venue!


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