4 Jun 2010

Vintage Supplies Arrive

At long last my second delivery of vintage supplies arrived this week. I got hundreds of knitting needles, thimbles, circular knitting needles, and loads more buttons. It's not quite the same amount as I got the first time round but it was still very exciting to root through all the boxes. I'm not a knitter so to be honest some of the more esoteric tools confounded me, but after some googling and asking people on facebook I found out what they are for and how to price them. I did discover that a circular needle is practically impossible to make look pretty in a photograph. I'll have to try to shoot them again because I'm really not happy with these pics that I took. I've a fair bit of sorting to do, but I have listed a few of the needles in my shop already.
Also this week some of my novelty buttons arrived, that means that my Hello Kitty buttons have returned to my shop, and I now have rabbit, and teddy bear buttons too.

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