22 Jun 2010

Printed Shopping Bags for Nice Day Designs

My stamp eventually arrived from the states!! I ordered these bags stamps from JlMould to use for the things I sell at the market and also Roisin from the boutique I sell my work in Inistioge wanted one for her shop too. These were just a quick proof, I 'm looking into getting white bags instead of the brown, although the brown looks nicer than I expected. I also want to play around with different colour inks, so I might be asking your advice later in the week.

I've a busy week ahead of me, I'm working a split shift in the restaurant today, tomorrow/thurs I've to head out to Ennis to my VERY pregnant sister, to be nice to her before she becomes a mammy, then Friday I've a wedding to go to in Laois, and finally market day on Sunday! Yikes, I kinda wanna curl up on the sofa and watch and dvd and catch up on some sleep! Well only half of me wants to do that, I know I'll have a great time at the wedding, and I really want to see Karen before the all the baby madness ensues.


  1. Oh I love the stamps - would love to see them printed on white though.

  2. Those are fab! They look very professional!
    I like the natural brown colour myself.

  3. Thanks ladies, I think I'll get the white for the boutique and see what they look like. The white would make it look more like my logo though


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