7 Jun 2010

Paintings:Work in Progress

Yesterday I had to cancel my market due to really horrible cramps, it was a shame not to be there on the last day, but I would have scared the customers away with my pained expression. I tried to just chill out here instead but I got really restless, so after taking lots of very strong painkillers, and strapping a hot water bottle to myself I went into the studio.

It's been ages since I did any painting, and I really love it, I don't claim to be any expert since I did very little of it when I was in college. It was mostly after I graduated that I started tinkering around with small canvases and my flat mates paints. But when Nice Day Designs took off it meant I didn't have any time for it anymore. It was really lovely just to be painting with no real goal in mind. I revisited a project that I worked on in college, childrens illustration style. I just wanted the relaxation of doing something and not that pressure of what to put on a blank canvas.

I worked on the 4 of them at one, swapping over as the layers were drying. They are all still very much works in progress but I thought I would show you some half way point pictures anyhow. The square pieces are just 6" x 6" and the longer one is about 15" x 6".


  1. Painting is very relaxing. I hope you're feeling better today. These are great!

  2. They look lovely Ruth. I really like the book print on the first house's roof - it must be a house full of stories :)

  3. I really like the first one!!!

  4. Thanks! I'm happiest with the first one myself, but it's the one nearest completion so it kinda makes sense. I had to stop myself buying more canvases today. Not letting myself get more nril I finish these!


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