15 Jun 2010

Knitting Needle Organizer

After looking at the amount of space that I will have at the new Milk Market stand I decided that I needed to expand my range a little bit so my stall doesn't look too empty. Last night when I came home from working in the restaurant I cut out all the panels for 7 new knitting needle rolls, I hope to have at least 10 of them completed for the market. I always think having a range of the same item looks far more eye catching at a stand then just a few bits of everything.
I'll be a busy bee trying to get everything sorted. I want to make sure that the stand looks it's best from the first week. That means I'll have to sort out all of my signs, and make sure I'm fully stocked for all of my buttons and mirrors. A change like this can be a very good thing as it forces me to get organised and breathe a bit of life back into my selection. I'm also thinking of adding a new range of pincushions, but I'm not sure I'll get them done this week.


  1. Hey Ruth... are you doing any of those gorgeous knitting needle holders without needles? I'll definitely be down!!

  2. No problem! When you are down at the market you can choose which ever one you like. They are 30 euro normally with all the needles, but it would be 18 for the case by itself.


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