28 Jun 2010

Passing on the Baton

As some of you probably already know I've been running the blog for the Etsy Ireland Team for the past 6 months. I was doing it on a voluntary basis and it's been an amazing experience getting to know all the team members really well, and getting so involved with the team. I'll be finishing up this position at the end of this week. It's with a mixed sense of relief and reluctance that I finish up, the part of me that is a control freak is flipping out. It's been highly rewarding but very time consuming so that's why I'll be glad to pass it on to someone else. Then there is the other side that is still bursting with lots of ideas that I still want to implement. But as things have gotten much busier with me doing two markets a week I had to be sensible and find a replacement. I'll be staying on in the capacity as a blog host which means I'll still be writing articles for the team regularly. So that means that hopefully I'll have more time to blog here, and maybe find a bit of room in my day to read my favourite blogs(something sadly I had to give up recently due to an insane schedual), maybe I'll even do a little more house work too!!

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