24 Jun 2010

New Retro Handmade Cards

When I went down to cork at the weekend for the Etsy Ireland meeting myself and my friend/fellow team member Rebecca were like two kids in the biggest toy shop with all the amazing art supplies shops that we found. Our first port of call was Cork Art Supplies, which has an amazing selection of papers, it was difficult to restrain myself from spending 100 quid on paper, but I was very good and only bought to pads of paper. But thank goodness I discovered that they sell online here so I won't have to wait so long for alleviate my paper desires, also click here for their specific card section. I fell in love with a vintage looking pack of paper, that had beautiful dark colors and textures, I just had to buy it!! The staff in the shop were extraordinarily helpful and friendly, people who totally understand having a craft addiction.

Here are some examples of the cards I made with the fantastic paper that I got. I had lots of fun tearing the paper to add more texture, and also using my sewing machine to finish some of the edges. For the first time I used sticky dots, which raised up the paper in certain areas. It's a really nice technique for adding depth. So thanks to my boss in the restaurant for giving me a pack of those, they're my new favourite toy. For more pics just click on my facebook album. I'll have them for sale on my stall for 4 euro each or 3 for 10 euro.


  1. There is so much happening in Cork- shops, quilt exhibitions, craft stuff...AAAGH! SO not fair- over 5 hours driving from here and then you have to stay the night....and no bus or train. BUMMER.

    I keep hoping I'll suddenly sell everthing in the Shop and then I'd have to go all over the country just to restock- you know? No such luck!

  2. Love Cork Art Supplies - recently blew 100euro voucher there over a few weeks - so enjoyable! Cards look great. G

  3. Did you go to the craft shop in Vibes and Scribes? You could drop another hundred quid there!

  4. Heckety I know what you mean!! Luckily I'm nearer to Cork, and as of next year I'll be spending lots of time there as the boyfriend is moving to Cork for a year for college.

    Gillian, I literally was talking myself trying not to spend to much!!

    Jessamyn- I went in but weirdly I didn't see anything I had to have, but I went to their book/material shop and spent lots of money. I'm right in thinking that they are both Vibes and Scribes??


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