10 Jun 2010

I like to Polka

How cute are these notebooks? I was in Tesco yesterday and I just had to buy them, and they were cheap as chips at only about a fiver for the two of them. The little pink polka dot one is to use at the new market, and it comes with a handy pen. And well the other one was just too adorable to leave in the shop, I knew it needed to join my ever growing collection of notebooks....but as all stationary addicts know you can never have too many notebooks!


  1. They're so sweet! I have the strawberry one too, in both sizes, and even though I bought them months ago, I haven't found a use for them yet. I admit have a whole collection of notebooks that are "too nice to use".
    Hmmmm.... do you know of a Stationery Addicts Anonymous meeting we can go to, preferably on the same evening as Buttonlovers Anon?!

  2. 'too nice to use' - yeah I know what you mean

  3. So true!!! I must post a picture of all my notebooks. No matter how many I have I know I'll never be as bad as my friends who are school teachers....I've actually seen one of the jump up and down with excitement at going into a stationary shop!!...well I'm not far off it myself


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