11 Jun 2010

New Tweaks to Blog Design, and a Spot of Knitting

Oh I'm so impressed with the new layout function that they introduced on blogspot today. I've been wanting to change the blog for ages, but there were a few little things that I couldn't get right. I think I'm most impressed with how much better the tabs look now, and I totally love the rounded edges. I know they are only little things but the designer in me is a happy camper now because of them!
I was inspired by all the knitting needles I have lying about the studio at the moment, and while I was watching a particularly unentertaining film the other night I decided to try my hand at a bit of knitting. Weridly I've been hoarding wool since I was 15 (that was the last time I knitted) so I had a few balls to choose from, I went for this crazy electric pink. After digging out my craft book to remind me how to cast on I was away and happily knitting for the evening. I used the circular needles so I can made a snood(here's a picture in case you're not sure what a snood is), so at least it will be functional. I've already decided that when I'm finished I want to make myself some sleeves/wristlets. I don't profess to be a great or fast knitter, but it's nice to do it while watching a cheesy crime drama, and just let my brain go to sleep for a while. I doubt I'll turn into an avid knitter like all of my Aunts, but there something nice about putting on a cozy scarf that you know you've made yourself., here's hoping I get it finished by Winter!!


  1. I wish I had the talent (and patience) to knit. The best I can do is cross-stitch!

  2. Thanks Jessamyn, it feels so much airy-er and less cluttered.

    Mj, I'm a complete novice with the knitting, the most I've ever done is either a hairband or a scarf. This is taking me forever, but it's a good excuse to watch trashy crime films, cos 'i have to get some knitting done' :)

  3. VERY pink! You'll be glad of it come the winter...well, August, probably, and you'll be glad its bright in the dark evenings!

  4. Yeah it's a bit of a crazy colour alright, but it will weirdly match all the other rainbow madness that infests my wardrobe

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