5 Jun 2010

The Big Move for The Sunday Market

I went down to the Milk Market today to have a look at the fancy new interior and I'm so impressed. I met one of the organisers, Chris, and we had a chat about the stalls, layout and the facilities there. We will all be provided with our own stand, and even tables, which will make my life so much easier since I haul down all my stock on a trolly. He is also encouraging people to have their logos printed on vinyle sheeting, so that wel all look colourful and disttinctive from each other. When it's all totally finished it going to look really amazing and I'm so excited to be moving into it.
When I heard that they were putting a roof on it I was delighted because of the weather cover it will provide, but to be honest a part of me was concerned that it would be dark and gloomy. But I was delighted to see today how light and airy the space feels, and the canopy nearly adds a glowing white light to the space...very serene and stat treky looking.

The dates for the opening are slightly different than what I had thought initially. Tomorrow will be my last Suday at the Bedford Row market, and we will be taking a break for one week, and then we will commence trading on Sunday 20th of June. A small part of me will be a little sad to leave Bedford Row after 3 years of trading there every week, but what we are getting in exchange far out weighs that.

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