25 Jun 2010

Delicious New Fabrics

In a follow up to yesterdays gushing about the supplies I got when I was down in Cork, I also found a fantastic material shop too. Apparently Vibes and Scribes was a book shop before and they've just added a sewing section in the past few months. Weirdly it makes perfect sense, you can but fantastic sewing goodies and the browse through beautiful art and craft books. This was the shop I really had to rein in my urge to splurge lots of money. I did allow myself to buy this stack of green fat quarters, and this great selection of half meter pieces. Nearly every fabric that I saw I wanted to buy, so you can imagine it was really difficult to just buy these ones. I'll be using them to make my knitting needle cases and my strawberry key-rings. At the moment I want to invent an 8th and 9th day of the week so I can get lots of things made.


  1. Gorgeous things! I can't wait to see what lovely stuff yo'll make next. I was in Vibes and Scribes AGAIN yesterday buying buttons... someone slap me on the wrist!

  2. I have to go vist this shop. It seems a sin I have not been there yet. Thanks Ruth, I know my credit card will just love this place!! ;)

  3. Beth-I know I had to make the awful choice between buttons and fabric, dire need vs insane addiction, for once my addiction lost!!

    Hazel, for the first time ever I was glad that my card was maxed, it would have been very dangerous if it wasn't!!


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