28 Jun 2011

Cheerful Bunting How-To

I've been saying since I started at the Milk Market last year that I must make some bunting for my stall and yesterday I eventually got around to making some. I had a good root through my fabric collection to find yellow and blue prints, as I wanted the colours to match my sun and cloud logo. I then made a cardboard template, cutting my fabric 1cm bigger all the way around. I cut out two triangles for each piece as my fabric is only one sided. You could use felt or a vinyl if you wanted to make faster bunting where no hemming is necessary. Or earlier this year I made newspaper bunting for Johns birthday party, by ripping the papers with a metal ruler and sewing the section onto some white ribbon on my sewing machine. It only took about an hour to make 20 meters of bunting....super fast for a large party....and also nice if it's for a guy as it's not too girlie.

I then sewed a straight running stitch most of the way around, and then turned them inside out, and stitch around the edge in a straight stitch. This means I'll me able to bung them in the washing mashing without them fraying. If you are making bunting for a once off occasion there is no need to go to all that extra effort, but I need mine to last for at least another year or so.

After you have all you triangles done, then co-ordinate them in a bundle, thinking about what colours and patterns would look well next to each other, trying to keep it balanced through your whole string of bunting. Then find a spacer, I used a paint brush, something that will help to give you a consistent gap between all of your panels. I used a zigzag stitch to attach the panels.

Voila! Here is my bunting at long last, an idea that's been brewing for ages has eventually come to fruition. Excuse the photo of my bedroom...I had nowhere else to hang it from to show you guys.


  1. oh its so pretty. Can't wait to see it on the stall

  2. Woah! Love it!!!

    There is just something about bunting that makes me happy!

    Recently, I spotted knitted bunting on the website of Cumbria's Woolfest and I'm in Wolllust!

  3. Thanks Mags!!

    Knitted bunting, that sounds amazing!
    Speaking of knitting porn...have you seen this...it's a girl I know from Limerick who knits things and covers buildings!

  4. Woah, that's looking so cool! That's total knitting porn, so it is!!!

    Knitting makes ugly buildings so much prettier!


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